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Navigational Barge Lights-Incandescent

Navigational Barge

These portable barge lights have been tested and certified by an approved U.S.C.G. laboratory*.  Flexibility is a key, as they can operate on both 6 volt spring-type batteries and a 12 volt rechargeable battery.  They are lightweight and priced affordably.

All Round Light/Anchor Light

Have confidence and peace of mind with the Empco-Lite All Round Light/Anchor Light.  This light will meet the latest U.S.C.G. standards*.  Its high quality will serve you well.

Mooring Light

This clear dome Mooring Light meets U.S.C.G. standards*.  You will also enjoy the long lasting benefits of this light.  It will also last approximately 600 operating hours before batteries need replacing!  Be confident with this quality light.


Practical, convenient, and time-saving are the keys with this battery recharger that can charge 3 batteries at the same time.  For each individual battery that is recharging, one indicator light tells when the battery is recharging and another light tells when the battery is fully charged.   The charger comes standard with a magnet so that one can attach it to the wall and save space.


*meets UL 1104-Sec. 4-33, tested by Calcoast ITL