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NCHRP-350 Approvals


Our lightweight Y2K and 2006 Models can be used on a number of "generic devices"  see WZ-54.  See WZ-06 for details on the devices.  They are less than 1.2kgs (check WZ-16 also).   Our standard barricade lights with one battery are also less than the 1.5 kg limit.  WZ-54 states that Drums with lights can be moved from Category 2 to Category 1.  See WZ-149 which has a standard light with one battery tested on a temporary sign stand. 

Our lights have been tested on a number of devices: WZ-24 and WZ-46 have a number of various types of traffic control devices manufactured by Traffix Devices.  WZ-14 is for a Type II barricade manufactured by Plasticade Products.  WZ-44 is for a Penn. DOT Type III using a Type B Detachable light.  WZ-22 is for the Yodock 2001 barrier w/T3 Apparatus using a Model 212 Type B light.

Approval letters WZ-48, WZ-49, WZ-73, WZ-189, WZ-120, and WZ-108 have our barricade warning lights and Type B lights used on Types II and III, and Vertical Panels.

WZ-99 has our large and heavy metal can Model 1101 B-Lite on a portable sign passing NCHRP350.

Other warning lights have been tested on various devices.  Our lights can therefore be self certified since they are of equal or less weight.  See:  WZ-36 for Protection Service's Type II;  WZ-38 for Flex-O-Lite's Type I, II, III and Vertical panel;  WZ-47 for Cortina's barricades; WZ-26 for Work Area's Drum with a light.