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Our 224-6LW Flare-Lite and Traffix Devices' "Step-n-Lock" vertical panel with school pedestrian sign bring more awareness to the School Zone Crosswalk.  This system helps to address the safety concerns of parents, "who consistently cite traffic danger as a reason why their children are unable to bicycle or walk to school" (see FHWA web site on SAFETEA-LU and funding available for The Safe Routes To School Program at ).The Flare-Lite is similar to our other models except that it is a lightweight crashworthy device using 4 D-Cell batteries.  It is a light that is highly visible (over 1000 feet in daylight), rugged, safe, cost effective and energy efficient.  See also a list of State DOT administrators for your state and A School Administrator's Guide .

More specifications on the "Step-n-Lock"