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Models 212 LED Type B Lights
(212, 212-6, & 212-3)

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  • Meets Current I.T.E. and MUTCD standards
  • Tested in approved certified laboratory
  • Available in 12 volt, 6 volt or 3 volt configurations
  • Can operate on one or two spring terminal batteries in 3 volt or 6 volt configurations
  • May be considered a lightweight light meeting NCHRP 350 when using one battery.  Lights have also been tested on various devices
  • Red lens option available as pictured

  • Optional Remote Control available for 212-6.  One Key Fob can control lights for up to 100 feet.

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Models DHC w/747 Bracket

Models DHS w/1502 Bracket

Models DHL w/L Bracket

Models DHT w/Tube Bracket