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Model 2006

  • Our all-new line of Type A, C and 3-way, 3volt high efficiency lights. 

  • Features completely redesigned rugged and durable co-polymer case with breakaway internal candle. 

  • Servicing is made easy with a snap-lock case and vertically positioned batteries.

  • The D cell batteries simply drop into to the light base and the case is ready to be snap-lock closed.


  • The case will remain closed and secure during the rough handling normally encountered during transportation and service work.

  •  The impact absorbing breakaway candle reduces internal damage.

  •  Bright and dependable LEDs coupled with power efficient, reliable moisture proof circuitry, provide trouble-free operation.  

  • Light may be operated using 2 or 4 D cell batteries. 

  • Type A and C lights comply with current ITE purchase specification referenced in the Federal MUTCD.