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Model 400ADA Audible Device

  • The 400ADA is an audible information device that can be mounted on various safety devices like the ADA Wall, 42" Cones, and the Safety Wall.  Or it can just be a stand-alone device.

  • Easily program your message with built-in microphone and speaker.

  • Record up to a 60 second message.

  • Customize message for each location. See "Messages for Audible Information Devices" for message guidelines and helpful information.

  • When routes are blocked (especially mid-block closings), there are alternate crossings or alternate routes that are not continuous, these units provide positive guidance for the visually impaired by providing needed audible information.  See 2009 MUTCD Section 6D.01 E, Section 6D.02, Section 6F.14, Section 6F.16 and notes on Figure 6H-28 and Figure 6H-29 (see PDF).

  • Unit can be mounted on a standard barricade light housing utilizing two 6V spring terminal batteries or can be a  self contained unit operating on four D-Cell batteries.

  • Unit is triggered by motion detector when pedestrians get within 15 feet of the unit.



         Model 400ML

ADA Audible device with warning light.

Holds two 6V lantern batteries for powering Model 400ML.

Download assembly instructions