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Traffic Safety Products

     Barricade Lights

     ADA Devices

     B-Lite Warning
     Battery Holders

Markers & Reflectors

Safe Routes To School

Marine Safety Products
    Barge Lights
    Dredge Lights

Airport Lights

Emergency Flares

   Police Flare
   Fire Flare

   School Zone  Flare

Railroad Lights

Customer Service

Safety is Our Business, "See the Difference!"

Mission Statement

The mission of Empco-Lite a profit center and proprietary line of Elgin Molded Plastics, Inc. is to fully satisfy the expectations of our customers by producing the highest quality products on time, each and every time, through the use of effective teamwork, employee involvement, and a dedication to excellence in everything we do with a view of continuous improvement.

Traffic Safety

Empco-Lite has been involved in the traffic safety industry since the 1960s.  One of our goals has been to provide the best quality lighting at a reasonable cost.  As part of the traffic safety systems, our lighting products offer the motoring public driving assistance to navigate safely through potentially hazardous construction areas.

Since 1949… Expertise, Technology, Quality

Commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in EMP's growth from a small business venture to its present list of satisfied customers, EMP's most valuable credentials.  All employees are involved in our current effort to attain ISO  9002 certification.  EMP's quality program focuses on providing the best possible product for customers large and small.

Elgin Molded Plastics has grown from 3 employees in a garage-like 750 sq. ft. structure to 80 employees in a modern 85,000 sq. ft. facility.  In March, 1998, EMP completed construction of a 20,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility in Franklin, Wisconsin increasing molding capacity by 25%.

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